CANADIAN TRAVELLERS Online Quote-Application Form
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  • TIC pays in excess of your provincial plan for emergency hospitalization and emergency medical treatment up to $5 million if you are covered by a provincial or territorial health/medical plan, otherwise coverage is limited to $3,000.

  • If you are 60 year and over, please call or e-mail us for rates and details of coverage.

  • Effective date must be at least 24 hours from application time.

  • If you would like to apply for the Multi-trip Plans or the Optional Plans, please call or e-mail us for the application form.

  • This coverage shall be void and the premium paid refunded if:

    1. purchased or Effective after departure, or if purchased for a Trip not originating in Canada, unless authorization has been provided by TIC,
    2. the entire Trip is cancelled prior to departure,
    3. the Insured is not a Canadian Resident.

  • If you are qualified for Family Rate, please call or e-mail us. We will adjust the premium.

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